Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Snow Day Adventure

Our February started out in a very exciting way. On Monday evening (Jan 31st), Gabe and Byron headed down to Belton to stay the night with Nicol. Tuesday morning they all left Belton and headed down to Houston for Byron's Aunt Dora's funeral services. Tuesday morning in Fort Worth was covered with ice and snow. In fact, the roads were so bad that Byron and Gabe weren't able to return Tuesday night as planned. Wednesday morning was no better here - we were experiencing temperatures in the teens and twenties and nothing over freezing was expected until Saturday. At around 8:00 our power went off. No big deal - the state was doing "rolling power outages" to conserve power. It came back on within an hour. At 9:30 the power went off again. Byron and Gabe started a slick drive home. At around 11:00 our downstairs neighbor gifted us with 3 piles of firewood. He also informed us that the power company had no idea our power was out and didn't know when the power would be back on. Our indoor temperature had cooled off to 65 degrees. Byron and Gabe finally made it home at 12:30 and built a fire to try to keep the apartment warm.

Here are the kids trying to stay warm during their afternoon nap - I think the excitement of the fire and the snow was too much though. No one fell asleep!

By 3:00 we were still without power. Byron went to the front office and found out that we were the only building without power and that the power company would be out the next day at the earliest. By then, even with a fire, our apartment had cooled to 60 degrees. We realized that we needed to stay somewhere else. Due to the Super Bowl being held in Arlington this year, there were no hotel rooms around. Luckily, some sweet members of our Sunday School class gave us warm beds to sleep in for the night and a great place to play during the day! They had everything we could ever dream of needing for an impromptu over night trip - bunk beds for the kids, a bed for us, a crib for Miguel and toys and books galore for the big kids! It was perfect!

In all we recieved about 4 inches of snow. Our power finally came back on Thursday evening at around 6:00pm. Our apartment was 39 degrees inside! Yikes! We are so thankful for the generous people that were there to help us this weekend!

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