Saturday, October 9, 2010

Still Waiting on Baby....

I have officially been pregnant longer with this baby than I was with the other two. Gabe and Selah both showed up a week early...and here we are with 3 days left until my due date and no signs of imminent labor. **big SIGH**. If the baby doesn't decide to make it's appearance before Wednesday, I will be induced - but I'm really hoping it will come on it's own. I am even running out of "nesting" projects. Here are the digital scrapbook pages:

I even turned our old wicker bassinet from something that looked similar to this:

Into this:

The hood was damaged in our move to Colorado and the skirt was really needing to be replaced, so I used the bedskirt from our bedding - it was getting frayed in some places and we weren't using it. I like the updated look. It is now fit for a prince or princess!!

But now I am all out of projects. I guess that leaves walking, eating spicy food, and pampering myself...and of course, spending lots of time in prayer for the health of the baby, my mental health while waiting, and a safe and sweet delivery!!

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