Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Egg Drop Contest

At Papa Serna's house we had and "Egg Drop Contes" this year. We provided various materials to the kids and gave them 30 minutes to use the supplies to protect a raw egg from an 8 foot drop. It was so much fun!!
Gabe with his invention:
Papa Serna getting into the spirit of Easter!

A little bit of sibling rivalry - I guess! This is Nicol - Byron's sister.

All the kids with thier egg protectors.

Byron doing the drops...

Only one egg cracked! They did a great job using thier resourses to protect the eggs.

Opps - cracked egg on the sidewalk.....

My brother-in-law, Jeff, decided that all the eggs that didn't break could be thrown at the brick that he is holding....hmmmm....don't know if that was such a great idea...

His oldest son got a bit confused by the instructions and just went for Jeff's face!! Jeff wasn't too happy!!

Egg on the face is not very flattering.....

But it makes for great memories! HA! What a fun time!

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