Friday, March 5, 2010

Papaw's 80th Birthday

Papaw was very specific on how he wanted to celebrate his 80th birthday. 1. The family to all go to church 2. Breakfast out together. So that is what we did for Valentine's Day/Papaw's 80th birthday! Momma had contacted members of Papaw's churches and threw him a Card Shower - every card speaking nothing but nice thoughts and wishes. He looked so happy as Momma read each one to him over over our Mexican Breakfasts.

Papaw had a card for each of the great-grandbabies for Valentine's Day, too.

Uncle Mike called while we were all gathered together - here is Rachel talking with him.

Aunt Suzy and the kiddos.

Only Gabe and Selah could turn an 80 year old's birthday breakfast into a dance party!
They provided loads of entertainment for everyone in the restaurant.

Don't know where he got those cool moves!

Snuggling with Aunt.

Gabe snuggling with Aunt Suzy....the really get spoiled around our family!

Trying on a scarf I knitted...

Uncle Yev and Aunt Rachel had this surprise for Gabe!
It was a small celebration of a pretty special man! Just what he wanted...although, he told me that when he turns 100 we can throw him a BIG birthday bash! For sure, Papaw!

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